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Certification/council approval is required for any pool in Australia. Documentation differs from state to state and we can provide a form 15, (engineers certification of the pool QLD), you can give this to Queensland councils or your private certifier.

Certification/ council approval is taken care of by your installer or yourself as an owner-builder.

Boundary requirements will need to be discussed with your local council, which will vary depending on your site and location conditions.

We’re a proudly Australian company. All of our pools and frames are made in Clontarf Queensland.

The quoted price is only for the pool and filter system, as installation costs are always site and project specific.

Our poly pools are perfect for any site, including sloping blocks.

Yes, a concrete base is fine and is needed for the Rectangle Pool, all other pools can go on either a concrete or crusher dust base.

Our pools are not designed to be weight-bearing, direct fixing of structural members will void the warranty

Due to the pools being made through roto-molding, modifications such as increasing or decreasing size are not possible.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of our pools, our delivery drivers will assemble the frames for our Rectangle and Oval pools whilst the installation in-ground or in-deck is organised by you through a local builder, pool builder, or structural landscaper. You can even do it yourself as an owner-builder in some states and territories. We offer a filter system installation only, refer to your poly pools Australia sales team at Poly Pool.

Yes, these can be purchased separately through most pool equipment providers.

Pool covers can be purchased separately through most pool equipment providers.